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Biography by Melissa

Hi, my name is Melissa. My Middle name is Dorothy, after my mums mum (my grandma) Dorothy, na d my last name is Beattie-Barrow, and i got these two names as Beattie is my mums madin name and Barrow is my dads last name. I am 14 years old, my birthday is the 11-01-1992, and my star sign is Capricorn. i think that i am very smart, inteligent and mature for my age.

I have a mum, Joanne, my dad, Geoffrey, 4 sisters, Brooke, Casey, Kaitlyn and Than-Nesha, 2 brothers, Raymond and Jakeb, 2 nephews, Clinton and Tyrall and i also have a niece Taya.

My hobbies include shopping(like every teenager), hanging out and catching up with friends. my favourite sport to playt would have to be netball, and Football to watch. My favourite foods would most definately have to be Ice-cream, lollies and chocolate.

So yeah, thats all about me, Melissa Beattie-Barrow. 

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